Building technology of the future

More and more people are talking about and looking for affordable, efficient green building options for there future homes and businesses. Consider the rising utility costs, water restrictions, electricity shortages along with the increased cost in construction, green house emissions and poor waste disposal. It is no wonder the exploration of alternative methods of building is so prominant today.

Building with sandbags is not a new concept, however modifications to this age old concept has made way for a sophisticated building system which provides a high-quality building. The system is enormously ecologically friendly and economical at the same time. The combination of these two qualities inspired the patented technologies of building by bags and making a very inexpensive beam structure. In all aspects, like stability and thermal behavior, the sandbag wall is superior to a conventional brick wall of the same thickness.

The sandbags in combination with a light Ecobeam structure can be seen as a modified timberframe house, however once the roof is in place and the building is plastered, the whole structure behaves monolithic and appears exactly like a common brick house. The system is not dependent on any kind of industrial grid measurements. That means that any specific measurements that are required for wall thickness, size and height of the building or for wall openings, can easily be achieved. This is just one of many more advantages that makes this building technology perfectly suited for any building project.

An ecologically friendly and economical building system perfectly suited for any building project.

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